About Us

We are intrapreneuers. We are innovators. We are strategists. We are doers.


We approach our work every day like entrepreneurs who own the company and the work.


We work with you to understand your goals and objectives and plan a path to get there.


We are experts who set and follow best practices while continuously learning.


We are more than strategic – we are also tactical, meaning we actually do the work we plan.

We are unique in that:

  1. We specialize in product marketing.
  2. We are all fractional / part-time consultants. We work full-time in product marketing and product strategy for leading companies. You can trust us to be efficient and manage our time effectively. You can also trust that we will only accept and recommend work that’s a good fit.
  3. We are a distributed team; meaning we can provide the best available talent to meet your needs.